Product Engineering

Estimating cost, risk and value over different stages of a product lifecycle.

Building a digital product is more than building the technology.
Startups operate in conditions of extreme uncertainty and have very limited resources. Software engineering and development is the most costly aspect of any product development.

We guide you through three steps:

  1. Define the Idea
    Our Product Managers utilise the latest business and product modelling tools (especially the Product Canvas) to help define, focus and validate your business idea before engineering it. This ensures that risk and cost are managed downwards and the value of your investment is maximised.

  2. Design the Product
    In collaboration with you and the Product Manager our partner designers give your product its design and identity.

  3. Build the Product
    This is where our developers come in and the software engineering starts. We assemble a small team of developers according to the project size. Our senior developers come with years of experience in building scalable applications.
    We hold regular feedback sessions where the Product Manager walks your through the progress and collects your feedback on look and experience.