StudentFunder is a crowdfunding platform that enables students to crowdfund their education. It allows visitors to lend or donate to students for a fixed or variable interest.
bitsilk helped StudentFunder build their first prototype and developed the current production platform.



Latitude is a cloud-based design agency. It connects designers to clients and enables a complete online workflow. Designers can upload assets and both parties can agree on iteration tasklists as well as annotate the assets online in real time.
bitsilk took over the project from another web development agency and developed the real-time technology as well as a major part of the currently used features. bitsilk brought the project to a production standard and assisted with the product launch.



Cahootsy is a social shopping platform that allows visitors to upload products and ask the userbase for help with finding the products online. The platform also includes reward/gamification functionality.
bitsilk built the platform from the ground up and continues to assist with operation and quality control of the software stack.